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Red Eye – Money Man

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Red Eye – Money Man
🌊01. Drums f. Babyface Ray
💤02. Biggest Lie
💤03. Insane
🆗04. Law
😴05. Arms Race
👎🏾06. Traits
🗑07. Contributions
🚛08. Saweetie
🆗09. Ain’t Ya Friend
👍🏾10. Latest Gen f. Peezy
🆗11. Today
🌊12. Atmosphere f. Juney Knotzz
🔥13. Jet Speed
🌊14. Opposite
🌊15. Vory
Project is just below mid. Its a shame because he has 2 styles, one good and one bad. This might be a multiverse hottake but his good is when he is autotuned up doing some smooth sounding type joints. The bad is his second bag which is this very dry stiff double time super saiyan hoodlum approach. Its awful and only does well with contrast. Features on here were good enough to make him sound mid. A majority of this is that stiff shit too sadly, if it had more on the smooth side this project would have been allot better. It shows he at least has multiple bags tho, unlike most industry plants and such. You can throw away more of this than you can take. Again its not horrible but its not good either, mostly boring, the pacing boring, the quality is high and the beats are alright but it all falls onto what he’s doing on it. Id take a few tracks off this, other than that, its forgettable.
Project: 4/10 || Art: 1/10 – John D.
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