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The Kickback – Brody Brown

The Kickback – Brody Brown
The Kickback – Brody Brown
🔥01. Run It Up
🔥02. Eyes On Me
🌊03. Wizard f. RJ Smugz
🔥04. Roundz
🔥05. Girlfriend
🌊06. No (Know) f. Bino Rideaux
🚒07. Pagne
🌊08. Single f. Ieema C
🌊09. My Life
🔥10. How It Coulda Been
Project is a good ass time. This is that step above the average mold new age sound that I think most people can get on board with. He mixing it all up the right way but also showing out in each area. Dude singing his ass off, then rapping his ass off, and even the mix was so clean that it made everything work, nothing was overly engineered so this sounded great sonically. For something thats lowkey toxic subject wise hes laying it on whatever he wanted, you got club bops, R&B bops, some rap tracks, even some west coast funk, also cant deny the beat flips being genre bended, this shit was exciting. All around a great project, very unique, but also very relevant. In rotation for sure, this what the youth need to get in tune with.
Project: 9/10 || Art: 8/10 – John D.
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