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Evolution – Rich Amiri

Evolution – Rich Amiri
Evolution – Rich Amiri
👍🏾01. Mention
👍🏾02. Don’t Feel Ya
🆗03. Best Friend
😴04. Friend Of Me
🆗05. Salty
💤06. Poppin f. Lil Tecca
💤07. Ballin
👎🏾08. Don’t Exist
🆗09. Ace
🆗10. Casket
👍🏾11. Dirty Money
👍🏾12. Can’t Die
Project is weak. It takes a tiny bit of all the popular singy rapper sounds and adds water to dilute it. This might as well have been the same song on loop 12 times. Its boring. The beats and vibe of it is like sad boy but its not hes honestly flexing. Trying to convince you that his hardship in life was when he was broke. This what happens when black kids from the suburbs get a struggle pass. They either go on to being successful on paper or throw it all away for this. Either way someone is funding it comfortably. I wasn’t here for it. This just screams “I can make that kinda music” energy. Not even on a talent level, more so on a kids level on youtube. I would throw this out, nothing was good enough to remember, and nothing was so bad that I hated it. Its weak. I don’t know why but I feel like he one of those kids that had braces in high school. You know what I mean.
Project: 4/10 || Art: 2/10 – John D.
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