Zeus – Dayshon Gramm

Zeus – Dayshon Gramm

Zeus – Dayshon Gramm

????01. Wu Bop Late Night

????02. Night Wolf

????03. Brodies

????04. Customers

????05. No Love f. WHOISTEVENYOUNG

????06. Icewater

????07. Young Toxic

????08. Night Walks In Tokyo

????09. Super Lit

????10. 98 Clue

????11. Congradulations

????12. Lil Shorty

????13. Last Supper

????14. Far Away

????15. Outside Vibin (Bonus Track)

Tell me you are a fan of the golden era of hip hop without telling me. This dude was rapping his ass off, all the punches, a whole lot of wordplay, even the old school like late 90’s simple hooks shows face on here. This project is a good time and while hes being consistent in mixing up his variety, the production really adds that much flair. From gritty beats, to anthem type beats, to even some scary shit. The pacing is dope and honestly even tho you know what you are going to get out the gate when starting this one, you still kinda don’t know what you are going to get from this. Throw this on if you was a teenager before youtube, and understand whats its like to actually be outside. In rotation.

Project: 8/10 || Art: 8/10 – John D.

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