About Us

Our vision

We only aspire to live in a world where Hip Hop is not trash and is not forced to follow a make believe and forced guideline to success. This type of stuff not only degrades and takes away the drive for creativity but it also nullifies the said spark of failure and negative reinforcement. We are here to tell you if your music is basura but with a smile, or if it is good and is in need for more promotion. All in all this will make artists better, more creative, more themselves, more tough skinned, and more versed in self promotion (for good or bad) but on a lowkey Joe Jackson level.

Our Story

This platform was built on the sides of Hip Hop that don’t get the shine it truly deserves. Failed attempts at getting signed or radio play, those hip hop arguments amongst friends and family at get togethers, or even just an irrational low blow taken online because you just don’t like someone. We all harnessed all of that energy through experience, created a solid structure, and made it easily accessible for the world.

Meet the Team

Because its just better when you know who is giving you that smoke.

John D.

The President

Master of the arts of intimidation, bullying, but also adopting children. The founder and creator of this platform also enjoys bulldog puppies and drinks at bars that toxic masculinity would frown upon. Canada born, Long Island raised, after years of listening to, writing, and performing all types of music, he realized why not speak his mind on it but on a bigger more personal platform with his peoples. Avid gamer, proud father, burnt out rapper, and seasonal vegan, John D. also wants to ensure the public know that at any moment not only can smoke be given, but it is welcomed.


The Garlic City Zorro
Hailing from Gilroy, CA in the South Bay Area we have rapper, interviewer, promoter, music reviewer and Barrio Historian RecklessDWR. He started his rap career in 2007 by signing to his cousin Trajik1’s Morgan Hill, CA based label, Devilish Ways Recordings.

Euphonic Aspekt

The Line Analyzer
(most of y’all rappers ain’t got none)

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