Heart of the Yo – QuisActive

Heart of the Yo – QuisActive

Heart of the Yo – QuisActive

????01. 2 Eyes

????02. Fein Line

????????03. Why She Show Off

????04. Levi’s

????05. How It Go

????06. Astro Kid

????07. 38 Special

????08. To the Side

All the production on this slides. Thats about it tho, this dude is type boring. Hes not saying anything that hasn’t been overused. Some of his flows were questionable. Mix was type annoying. Pacing is boring. I didn’t enjoy myself with this one, its 8 tracks and I was checked out by track 3. This the bottom of the barrel to clone, industry plant culture. This dudes who think that they can just create the sound and automatically will get picked by labels. Gotta call this genre the participation award genre of hip hop, or music in general. Throw this on if you love that generic stuff or are desperately looking for a homie in your hood to believe in. Other than that, hit this with a hail mary, pass.

Project: 3/10 || Art: 1/10 – John D.

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