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Area 5150: The Reasy Project – D. Rotten

Area 5150: The Reasy Project – D. Rotten
Area 5150: The Reasy Project – D. Rotten
😅01. Who Am I? (Intro)
👍🏾02. Area 5150 f. Euphonic Aspekt & Blonju
🌊03. I Don’t Know
🌊04. The Watching
👍🏾05. Dishonorable Mention
🌊06. Sentiments f. Euphonic Aspekt
🆗07. Torches & Pitchforks
🌊08. Cold f. ThisFoolSean & Euphonic Aspekt
🆗09. The Downside Dub
👍🏾10. Rise Up f. Euphonic Aspekt
👍🏾11. The Circle
🌊12. Let Em Get Their Rest
🔥13. Me and 4 Walls f. Euphonic Aspekt
🌊14. Tomorrow Never Comes
Mix took away from this one and its unfortunate because its consistently drowning the vocals. On top of that he has a very low gritty voice and delivery that adds more to the muddied sound. Production is solid for the most part, lots of loops and drums that could use more meat. He’s rapping too but first listen you really have to strain. Features showed up too but still suffer the mix. The last few songs sounded a bit better but by then you feel like this project was sabotaged and should’ve easily been better. Subject matter varies but has almost a D12 light type feel to it. Pacing isn’t bad either. Not bad but the entire time you will feel like this should be way better. In rotation still.
6.8/10 – John D.
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