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Running From Time – Wale the Sage

Running From Time – Wale the Sage
Running From Time – Wale the Sage
🚒01. Running From Time
🔥02. Bleue
🌊03. Don’t Remind Me
💎04. Stuck In My Mind
🔥05. 2.22
🌊06. Everybody Dies
🔥07. Men Don’t Cry
💎08. 4005
🚒09. Love Is
This isn’t just a rap album and Wale The Sage isn’t a rapper, he’s a musician. The flow on this jahn is impeccable and intentional for all 9 tracks. I’m down to get lost in the words, but if you want people to listen to your music, delivery is everything, and Wale came through with the Anderson .Paak level inflection control. This is PCH music, cruising up the coast, forgetting about the car payment. He weaves in a lot of stories of work ethic and hardship, and most importantly not letting anything get in the way of your pursuits. Beats are smooth and funky with top notch production, and Wale has the gift of being able to transition between sing song cadences and bars effortlessly, which keeps the listener super engaged. I may not bang this in the whip rolling dirty, but you definitely gonna catch me with my headphones in a fresh fit strutting to this album downtown.
10/10 – Euphonic
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