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Topic Of Discussion – Shady Blu

Topic Of Discussion – Shady Blu
Topic Of Discussion – Shady Blu
🆗1. Wish!
🆗2. Hold Up
👍🏾4. Topic Of Discussion f. Babyface Ray
🌊6. High Speed!
🌊7. Sweep
This a lady’s take on squishy baby voice music. I will give credit she is trying something different sonically, because all the production sounded very unique and she was doing allot, singy rapping, R&B vibing but it just felt very over produced as far as effects and such. Nothing really stood out either, and allot just gives off a boring plain vibe even if its got effects all over and sounds unique. She didn’t capitalize as much as you would want her too. If she really commits to this sound and adds some tweaks maybe a dash of pop influence, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing her name online. Till then this can pass on a planet fitness playlist. Mad potential tho.
6/10 – John D.
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