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SummerFALL ’22 – Baps University, Sir 7000 & Ambeeka

SummerFALL ’22 – Baps University, Sir 7000 & Ambeeka
SummerFALL ’22 – Baps University, Sir 7000 & Ambeeka
🔥01. When I think about it f. Ian J, Cochino Blaq & Andrea Nicole
🌊02. Www f. King Daweed
🌊03. No Sage f. Kylo Yen
🌊04. Rum Chatta
🌊05. Chasin the Bag f. Ro’say Roseleeo
🔥06. Beek Freestyle (Whoah Nah)
🔥07. Vendetta
🚒08. I, Kyrie
👍🏾09. Ykyk f. REN
👍🏾10. Been Down f. GLAMDIVA, Ian J & REN
🔥11. Lil Jasper
🌊12. Late Night Drive f. J.C. Owenz
🔥13. Innerlude
🔥14. SummerFall
🌊15. One Wish f. Yani K.
🌊16. When I think about it extended f. Cochino Blaq, Andrea Nicole & Ian J
Project is a breathe of fresh air. This got Spillage Village energy but like without that label money. Nothing wrong with that either since this feels like the beginning of they story regardless of how long they probably actually been around. I was here for it, the mix of everything is what really got me, to put it all together, you got dude who raps his ass off on some new age shit, and then you have homegirl singing her ass off on some smooth shit and all the aspects of the production fits both of them whether its as a whole or via a switch-up and what not. Solid pacing, maybe a bit too long but overall a good time. The features showed up and the subject matter had a nice variety. I would love to hear something more focused and condensed but regardless my eyes are on them. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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