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Beyond Belief – 38 Spesh & Harry Fraud

Beyond Belief – 38 Spesh & Harry Fraud
Beyond Belief – 38 Spesh & Harry Fraud
🔥01. Warm Winter
🔥02. Speshal ft.👍 Stove God Cooks
🌊03. Two 23’s ft.👍 Conway the Machine
🌊04 Loverboy Interlude
🚒05. Back to Shore ft.🔥 Elcamino, 🔥Wiz Khalifa
🔥06. Target Practice ft.🌊 Jim Jones
🌊07. Band of Brothers ft.🔥 Benny the Butcher,🚒 Ransom
🌊08. Sal’s Pizza
🌊09. Mint Green ft. 👎Curren$y
🔥10. Sharlene
This album was straight bars over boom bap. New York through and through. There were a couple hooks on this 10 track project but mainly just rap. Besides one weak feature everyone showed up. This aint that fancy new ride, stunting at the club rap. This is driving through the slushy winter in your rusted acura integra with no heat rap. I gave it a few spins and 38 Spesh didn’t rap about rapping at all. It’s a nice departure from so many artists talking about how good they rap, instead of just talking good. 38 Spesh comes at you with a gruff grown man flow, mixing in some very technical rhyme schemes and clever punchlines. If this was the first gangster rap album I’d ever heard, I’d think it was the best, but I’m gonna have to say there is nothing new or unique about this project, it’s just good, and sometimes we shouldn’t try and reinvent the wheel.
8.3/10 – Euphonic
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