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Mob Living – Menace 2 Society & Troublez

Mob Living – Menace 2 Society & Troublez
Mob Living – Menace 2 Society & Troublez
🌊01. Intro
πŸ‘02. Northern Killifornia ft. πŸ‘Grumpy
πŸ’€03. Fallout ft. 🌊Messy Marv, πŸ’©CW Da Youngblood, πŸ’€CashLord Mess
πŸ”₯04. Changes ft. 🌊Lazy-Boy
🌊05. Devil Smoke ft. πŸ†—A-Wax, πŸ’©Cizco Da Hoodfella
πŸš’06. No Love ft. πŸ”₯B-Dawg,πŸ”₯ Its Gwapo, πŸ”₯Shadow
πŸ”₯07. I’m from the Valley ft. 🌊Lil Raider, 🌊Ono Loco
πŸ”₯08. F**k This Bitch ft. πŸš’Levitti, πŸ†—B-Dawg, πŸ”₯Lou E Lou
🌊09. Circle ft. πŸ‘ŽKeek Dogg, πŸ’©El Pinche Mata
🌊10. Vent ft. πŸ‘ŽLil Rue, 🌊Sireal
πŸ‘Ž11. Hunger Pains ft. 🌊Its Gwapo, πŸ”₯Lazy-Boy
🌊12. Broken Heart ft.🌊 C Locs
πŸ”₯13. Get Money ft. πŸ”₯Hollow Tip, πŸ‘Mac Reese
πŸ”₯14. Northern Cali Sunshine ft. πŸ”₯Keek Dogg, 🌊Tito B, 🌊Shadow, πŸ”₯C Locs
πŸš’15. That’s Mob ft. πŸ”₯Mozzy, πŸ”₯Spice 1, πŸ’ŽAP.9
🌊16. Gotta Stay Up ft. πŸ†—Rydah J. Klyde, 🌊Thizz Dragon
🌊17. Westside Story ft. πŸ’©Cizco Da Hoodfella
πŸ”₯18. Where I Come From ft.πŸ”₯ Davina Joy
God damn, there is somewhere between 27 and 34 artists on this album. I went through the tracklist but its difficult to tell sometimes, a lot going on here. This is very Synth heavy west coast with touches of G-funk. Some features are trash, some are are rough and unpracticed, but most are pretty dope. I trust most of these guys are living that street life but every homie doesn’t need to be a rapper. Besides a few really cringy verses this is can be bumped all the way through. I’m sure you’ll hear people banging it at the sideshows, but outside of the bay it may not get much play, give it a shot.
6.8/10 – Euphonic
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