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Good Company – Monday Night & 3wayslim

Good Company – Monday Night & 3wayslim
Good Company – Monday Night & 3wayslim
🔥1. Shine
🔥2. Brown Baggies
🔥3. Dawned On Me
🔥4. Evangelist
🔥5. Kwanzaa
🔥6. Peace Treaties
🔥7. Sincerely
These boys rapping with that steel sharpens steel energy rappers always speak on but don’t follow. Off rip its madness, every track I had a different “winner”. It was like they were trading off who wrote first or second on each but also just how they went about it from bars, which they had all of them, to the wordplay and all. The only thing I can see as a defining factor to give it to just one side would be voice and delivery. Monday got a Boldy James like monotone thing going, and 3way rap like he still live in the project. If those 2 things don’t matter to you then this will come down to the wire. On top of this they rapping on some dope ass beats too. I left this one wanting way more, and its not even that short. Do yourself a favor and put this in rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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