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B.2.R.S – Coincide

B.2.R.S – Coincide
B.2.R.S – Coincide
🌊01. Back 2 Rap Shit
🔥02. Retrogression
🌊03. Belief, Pt. 1
🔥04. Step 9
🔥05. Leap Year
🌊06. Belief, Pt. 2
🔥07. Reality Check
🔥08. Cold Day in Hell
🌊09. Belief, Pt. 3
🔥10. Blink Twice
Dude can rap for sure. Project is Dope, and his delivery solid. Dope cadence too and he really knows how to string together his words. The conviction in his voice and his delivery give it nice believability and passion. I will say and this is no shot at him, but these beats are immaculate, and lowest key carry this project, every single beat. The acappella tracks are him making sure you know he’s fighting back. He’s got that young rapper energy but not that new age, more so that like im tryna kill people in this hip hop tip energy so his content is very “I do this” and “yall do that” its not bad but can get repetitive and could’ve easily been elevated via heavier punches, or even more storytelling or lessons. Again its not bad its clear that he’s in a space where he knows he’s dope, and its all about him knowing how dope he can be or if he will stay comfortable. Overall tho, dope project, its a solid and complete thought and way more than enough to keep someone tuned in for it fully and for him in the future. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.
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