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Majorly Independent – Jackboy

Majorly Independent – Jackboy
Majorly Independent – Jackboy
🚮01. Baptize In Blood
🚮02. Voices
🚛03. Gotta Do
😴04. Chess Not Checkers
🌊05. Let Me Be Great
👎06. Pardon Me
🆗07. Answer
💩08. Pursue My Dreams
👎09. Yaya
👍10. Prize Ft.🔥 Lexxstasy
🆗11. Show No Love Ft.👍 Mozzy
💤12. Havin My Way
💩13. Don’t Force My Hand
A lot of money put in the production of this, mix is super clean, and good thing too, because Jackboy doesn’t come through on the rapping end. Sound like he’s working with a 5th grade vocabulary. The only time the rhymes are tight is when he repeats a line. Even a lot of the simple bars seem forced to fit in his cadence. The Mozzy feature was alright but this is a boring trap album. Honestly if he stuck to singing like some of the hooks and made an R&B album it might be a bop. Stay away from this one unless you feel like loosing some brain cells.
2/10 – Euphonic
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