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No Chaser – Reverie

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No Chaser – Reverie
🌊01. All Eyez On Me
👍🏾02. Penthouse Keys
🔥03. Los Angeles f. Sick Jacken
🆗04. Hail Mary f. YeloHill
👍🏾05. Gas, Ass, or Grass
🔥06. Glass Idols f. R.A. The Rugged Man
🚒07. No Chaser
🌊08. Sin Esperanza f. Turek Hem
🔥09. Drink Until I Throw Up
🌊10. Drug Dealerz f. BELLA
🌊11. Ready Or Not (International Femcee Cypher) (feat. V Love, KT Gorique, Mariana Mello, Dee MC, Comagatte, DJ Lala, Cece the Mamacita, DJ Kisa & DJ Lezlee)
🔥12. Promises f. Gavlyn
🌊13. Extra 4 Guacamole
🌊14. Nightmares At the Rodeo f. Hudsonasty
🌊15. Love Is My Religion f. Erin Caceras
She takes allot of shots at critics for not knowing her, and then absolutely paints a picture of who she is. Balance. Project has a whole lot on it, granted it is 15 tracks but it doesn’t feel long due to the variety and the switchups, to be honest most of it really worked. Personally her honest, sad girl bag absolutely shines, but also makes sense when it follows a hype track about partying or tracks about being wild and on some hood shit. Production follows this trend the variety is wild, even the features also follow from speaking all sorts of languages to singers, to spitters. This kind of energy screams passion project with a heavy hand of possible label run or attempt to move up the ranks as an artist. Either way its a good time, ladies can enjoy raps not about bussy and fellas can enjoy raps that will make them sit up straight. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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