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Mirrors In A Mausoleum – Noah

Mirrors In A Mausoleum – Noah
Mirrors In A Mausoleum – Noah
🔥01. Eden
🌊02. Breather
🌊03. Moving Different
🌊04. Two Worlds
🤷🏾‍♀️05. Hell
🌊06. Fleeze
🤷🏾‍♀️07. Baby Boy (Interlude)
🔥08. Life f. Nashir
🌊09. Nintendo
🔥10. Revelations
🔥11. Casamigos f. Chris Patrick
Project is a good time. Hes part of that new age but very creative spectrum that can actually rap but understand the market and sound. I will say on this when the songs are on the slower side he shines more, his content comes clearer and the production complements his voice and flow. The few features had a nice spot to rest on this project, the production varies from trap, to very high audio FX’d drake type soulful beats, they feel very lax but also very emotional. Pacing is solid, ends way stronger than it starts but the beginning is more to create the vibe. Skits were solid tho very few and they were a bit close. Not bad at all, this one of those artists to keep an eye on because its hard to see them not getting better. In rotation.
7.9/10 – John D.
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