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It’s Not Me It’s You – DDG

It’s Not Me It’s You – DDG
It’s Not Me It’s You – DDG
🌊01. 9 Lives f. Polo G & NLE Choppa
🔥02. Elon Musk f. Gunna
🌊03. Stay in My Circle
😢04. Relationship Issues
🔥05. If I Want You
🌊06. Not the Only One
📠07. Loyal Slut
👍🏾08. Love Myself f. 👎🏾Kevin Gates
🌊09. Storyteller
🔥10. Remember Me
👎🏾11. The Clinic f. Babyface Ray
🗑12. Big Knots
Project isnt bad. If you are a fan of hearing things that remind you of past or present toxic relationship then this is for you. Not like adult in court, tighten every lid in the fridge toxic, more like that end of high school, into college, ask girls if they are on the pill or condoms only for when you cheat type energy. It has a bunch of bops, the substance is mainly on the male side of things but at its most simple, its just lacking the sad after shock phase. Its not bad, good quality, production is cool, you have a solid amount of known features, some do better than the others. If you like that Tik Tok stuff then this will work for you. If you don’t then I would be a lying if I said I recommend it to you. In rotation.
6.9/10 – John D.
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