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Quarter Soups and Sugar Water 2 – Baby Gas

Quarter Soups and Sugar Water 2 – Baby Gas
Quarter Soups and Sugar Water 2 – Baby Gas
🔥01. Take U Back
🔥02. We Was Broke
🔥03. Wait On Me f. Baby Yungin & Suigeneris
🔥04. Can I f. DJ Habanero
🌊05. Cool Kids
🔥06. I Need Another (Necesito Otra)
🌊07. Crash Out f. Young JR
🌊08. Felt Like This
🌊09. Double Dutch f. 🆗Yung Gabe
🌊10. Outro
Project is a good time. This something his hood can proudly blast, ANYWHERE. No need to yes man it to death or force it on the kids or get mad at what people think this here is dope. Its nostalgic, its very grounded in the street, it gives you a bit of his life and where he was to where he is at and wants to be. It switches up tempos, the production for the most part has variety but hints that sound from where hes from. On top of this good pacing tho the beginning bops more than the end it all still slides, solid production hes out here painting a dope picture, and just rapping hes not worried about complex flows or in depth penmanship, hes just fucking rapping and it works. Project makes me wanna wear the most crisp 4XL white T I can find just so I can take it off exposing my wifebeater and whip it around to hopefully lose it that same day. Easily in rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.
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