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Prince of the Westside – Nhale

Prince of the Westside – Nhale
Prince of the Westside – Nhale
🆗01. Best In Me
😴02. Notice
👎🏾03. Deep Involved
🌊04. Hurry Up f. Doggystyleeee & CNG
🔥05. Keep It Gangsta f. Dezzy Hollow
🆗06. Travel
👎🏾07. Sick
🆗08. In Too Deep f. 🌊J. Stone
🌊09. Thru the Day f. Nana Elan
🆗10. Far As It Go
Project feels 100 years old. Honestly what takes away from this the most is Nhale. Almost every hook sounds like the beginning idea when putting one together and he just figured fuck it we just gonna stick with this. Outside of hooks I rock with what he was putting together somewhat, and the content is that old school funk hoes funk bitches, MOB street shit but the rest is too inconsistent and honestly needs those features. It feels like allot of quality and production was put around someone who isn’t on that level yet or needs to work towards it. For those questioning that, just imagine how someone like Westside Boogie would do on this production, it would make more sense. Hes got allot of work to do and allot of figuring out what he wants his sound to be because this project does not feel comfortable. You can take a song or 2 from this one but the rest isn’t worth the listen. Pass on this one.
4/10 – John D.
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