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Lebra Jolie – Lebra Jolie

Lebra Jolie – Lebra Jolie
Lebra Jolie – Lebra Jolie
🔥1. Get Me Hype (Intro)
🆗2. Think It’s Funny f. 👎🏾Babyface Ray
🌊3. What Kinda
👍🏾4. F**k I Look Like?
👎🏾5. Give U Some f. Rob49
🌊6. Way Better
🆗7. Deal Closed
Project got big clitoris energy. She taking shots at everyone and it was mad entertaining. She fried up these fake instagram thugs and rappers, she fried up these fake ladies too, she even took a shot at herself to take more shots at them mentioning how she a mom and not dusty like everyone else. This my kinda energy. She can rap, like if Cardi B didn’t rap while yawning and rapped while she was arguing. The biggest downfall to this was her features and the beats, she was carrying everything. These beats are definitely made for wherever she is from, somewhere where gravy is sold in squirt bottles and at every table at restaurants. The potential is here for sure she can make a nice mainstream run on all fronts just gotta get into that world of production. Yall might get some entertainment out of this tho.
6/10 – John D.
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