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Medusa EP – Melii

Medusa EP – Melii
Medusa EP – Melii
🌊1. F.B.D.C.
👍🏾2. Have U Seen Her?
🌊3. Ain’t Loyal
👍🏾4. Divine Energy
👎🏾5. Mala
👍🏾6. Vegas
This fuccgirl bops about fuccboys but the atomweight division. Music for them tiny ladies who got mad butt cup. 2% Skim Leche Rhianna. Project felt like a label heat check, see if the kids still like this type music. All very typical, generic and the sound followed. Tracks were short and didnt really do much outside of the realm of “that not terrible”. Project is weak for a 6 piece and just felt like rushed. No pacing no consistency no originality just ok. Not much here to hold onto maybe 2 tracks the rest can go wherever generic tracks go to die.
5/10 – John D.
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