$hook EP – Tre’ Amani

$hook EP – Tre’ Amani


$hook EP – Tre’ Amani
?1. Heaven$ Or Hell$ f. Shina Mack
?2. Crack$ IN the Ceiling f. Meech
?3. Million Dolla Team
?4. $hook.
?5. Lo$t Kid. f. Rodney Hollywood
?6. Seeing Ghost$
6 bops. So much creativity and variety from sad boy to flashy swag rap rap shit to industry word shit done right and a lil pop to top it off. This a really good time. So much on here to just enjoy. Project is the calm before demon time but in the most positive way. No ratchetry just honest legit fuckery according to homie speaking on the last 2 tracks. This got that the youth should be bumping this energy. All the sounds the love and just the sheer entertainment of this deserves a listen. It brought me back to that era where all heavy upcomers worked together, Gambino, Chance, Danny Brown etc etc you should know unless you wasnt there. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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