Guilt – Guilty Simpson

Guilt – Guilty Simpson


Guilt – Guilty Simpson
?1. Looking for More
?2. Make It Count f. Jason Rose & DJ Ragz
?3. Off Herb f. Bronze Nazareth & Oh No
?4. Linch Pins f. Prince Po & DJ Ragz
?5. Go Where I Please f. DJ Ragz
?6. Dark Night f. DJ Ragz
?7. For the Real Only
Project is meh. I felt like everytime it got boring he yelled out real rap and I felt guilty, no pun intended. Its not bad but it also sounds like Neil deGrass Tyson doing woke raps for dummies. Its got some lines, some subjects but its all very slow and the beats follow that, like they are solid but need to be brought to life via bars, cadences, and such. This was just lacking allot. Felt dated, but also like something hes been doing comfortably for centuries. Its not bad but I can see newcomers getting bored and even old heads getting bored. One of those ones where you listen for the name but outside of that thats it.
5/10 – John D.


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