Special – Lizzo

Special – Lizzo


Special – Lizzo
?01. The Sign
?02. About Damn Time
?03. Grrris
?04. 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)
?05. I Love You Bitch
?06. Special
?07. Break Up Twice
?08. Everybody’s Gay
?09. Naked
?10. Birthday Girl
?11. If You Love Me
?12. Coldplay
?01. A Very Special Message From Lizzo
She figured it out, she is a bop factory. Everything here is taylored to make you bop, sing, dance, and feel good about yourself even slightly ratchet if thats your bag. Its super positive but also has its real that kinda gets you too. Sometimes this dynamic gets me because some of the positivity feels media driven and almost like toxic positivity but if someones doing it why not hopefully people grasp onto it the right way. Yall can cancel me if yall want but this is her JOB and big girl energy which is dope but on a level of celebrity worker she is, the power that comes with it should come with a clean bill of health. Shout out to her talking her smoothies life and such but we cant have kids out here not taking care of themselves because Lizzo said so when we don’t know if she healthy or not. If she healthy live it up, push that, if not then I don’t cosign, its like strippers and pornstars that don’t take blood tests. Either way this project is amazing, just a series of different flavor radio hits. In rotation for sure, much love and respect. Spread that.
9/10 – John D.


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