YoungLordz – YoungLordz

YoungLordz – YoungLordz


YoungLordz – YoungLordz
✊?01. Young Lordz Intro f. 8ch20wens
??02. On Lordz
?03. In the Trenches
?04. Dreams
?05. 24 Hours f. Itsa_Highnote & Dynas [Radio Edit]
?06. Never Hopeless
?07. Pleasure’s All Mine
?08. Ain’t Worried
??09. Revolt
??10. Manzana
?11. Thousand Miles
?12. Round Table
This project was mixed during the great depression. Mix robbed this of a few points because instead of it sounding like clean hip hop it sound like they just yelling on it and thats a crime because there was some dopeness beneath this mix mess and these popeyes biscuit hooks. You got some old school boom bap flows, some street raps but nothing aggro or too movie like, way more grounded in reality and slick talk. Raps are here in plenty honestly, simple flows but digestible for sure. Production solid for the most part too but the mix and some of the hooks really damage the sound of this one. Songs that should pop on paper just didnt knock the way they deserved too. Entire time I just felt like there was so much more the engineer could have done, or maybe even tried to update his plugins or DAW software. This one should be better.
5.5/10 – John D.


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