Eternal – Versoul

Eternal – Versoul


Eternal – Versoul
?1. Better
?2. Like We Used To
?3. Slow Down
?4. Free
??5. Sacrifice
?6. Time
Project is like an american sized cup of tea, its light, its simple, its good for you, and starts off hot but cools down if you sit with it too long. Its solid tho you can hear all the love and passion put into this. This is a quick heat check but not short on the love, the content is here and the variety is here. The heat check side of it shows tho, because you can hear that she can snap, but she keeps it mellow and most of the songs make you want more. The beats on 4 and 5 were also kinda tossed in the mix. Not a bad lil 6 piece tho, something to make you wanna see what she has coming and what shes gonna try to do next. In rotation.
6.8/10 – John D.


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