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30 Story – Yak Yola

30 Story – Yak Yola
30 Story – Yak Yola
👎🏼 01. 30 Story
🚮 02. Seeing Red Feat. Doe Boy
🚛 03. Body Count Feat. SG Batman
👎🏼 04. Get Back Feat. G Herbo
🚮 05. Lamb Chop
👎🏼 06. Last Time
👍🏼 07. Skrt Off (Beat 🚒) Feat. G Herbo
💤 08. Fall Back Feat. PGF Nuk
👎🏼 09. No Escort
🆗 10. Too Flame Feat. (👍🏼) Chase Moola
😴 11. Okay
😴 12. U Need? Feat. Lil Double 0 & Veeze
👍🏼 13. Big Yak
🔥 14. Red Snow
👍🏼 15. Lrd 4rgv Me
This was a rough one. I think he only had 1 genuinely good song and it was the second to last song on the project. Which means few will even hear it cause idk how you’d make it to that part of the album as a casual listener. No pacing, raps were sloppy and rushed a lot of the time. There were elements that had potential to be dope, but fell flat for me and the subject matter pretty much stayed the same throughout the album. Overall, I’d give this album a skip.
3/10 – RecklessDWR
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