Rae Rae’s Son – Stunna 4 Vegas

Rae Rae’s Son – Stunna 4 Vegas


Rae Rae’s Son – Stunna 4 Vegas
?01. Rae Rae’s Intro
??02. The One
?03. Pay Me To Speak
?04. BMF f. Icewear Vezzo
??05. Going For Nun
?06. Suspect
??07. Activated
?08. Sticks
?09. Fye f. YRB Tezz
?10. Skurrt
??11. Sad Song f. Spinabenz
Dude raps like his diet consists of candy and soda. Dude had a mustard and catch up bar. That should be the review. Beats knocked, and highkey any rapper with a slightly higher vocabulary would have done them justice. Dude is just yelling out cat in a hat bars, whole projects energy is that angry kid swinging at you while you hold his forehead so he cant reach. Its a shame too because I really liked the production on here and think the features came to play. If dude could take all the super thuggery and turn them into some haymakers he would be way better. I would pass on this, but wont be mad if you dip into it for some ignorance.
4.8/10 – John D.


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