Food For Thought – Che Noir

Food For Thought – Che Noir


Food For Thought – Che Noir
?01. Eat To Live (Intro)
?02. Split the Bread
?03. Eat or Starve f. Jynx716
?04. Daily Bread (Skit)
?05. Bless the Food
?06. Ladies Brunch f. 7xvethegenius & Armani Caesar
?07. Praises
?08. 8. Table for 3 f. 38 Spesh & Ransom
?09. Gold Cutlery f. Rome Streetz
?10. Brains For Dinner
?11. Water To Wine (Skit)
?12. Communion
She rap raps. Its scary because when she comes to mind I think or homegirl who chops up elites on they tracks. The fact that she going crazy still solo and addresses my last statement is worth the multiple listens. She throwin baby tyson haymakers constantly. Dope themes and enlisted killers to join in. Production fits the mood and darkness and it all works. Even the skits. This shit is like the don of lady raps and even men putting together a scary vareoackage to keep order. In rotation
8/10 – John D.


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