Still Wednesday – Chris Webby

Still Wednesday – Chris Webby


Still Wednesday – Chris Webby
?01. Pearly Gates
?02. We Up f. DMX
?03. Whippin f. Young M.A
?04. Humble Giant
?05. GO! f. ANoyd & Jitta On the Track
?06. Narco f. Millyz
?07. Arabian Nightz f. Bria Lee
?08. Ex- Men f. Tory Lanez
?09. World On Lock
?10. Walls f. Skrizzly Adams
?11. Animals
?12. Lullaby f. Bria Lee
?13. Raw Thoughts V
?14. Politically Incorrect f. Nems
?15. Burn f. Locksmith & Apathy
?16. Playground
?17. Def Jam Vendetta f. Jarren Benton
?18. Backdoor f. Dizzy Wright & Futuristic
?19. Lord Knows f. Justin Clancy
?20. Way Home
Project fucking slaps. It don’t get more hip hop than this. You have everything you would need from the genre. Regardless of the genre, sub genres and such that he pulls off effortlessly on this, you will always have layers of BARS, RAPS and dope flows. On top of that every feature came to fucking play from the mainstream legends to underground legends, they all absolutely showed out but never ate too much food since webby was handeling portions. Every beat on this also absolutely slaps, mad variety to deliver to you a bunch of swag, sauce, food, medicine. You really can’t go wrong or hate on it, its dope music the structure, the pacing, the way he decides to sing and catchy hook you to death or just rap your mind into a blender. We passed the point of putting respect on his name, and flowers, people should just know by now. In rotation.
9.5/10 – John D.


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