The High Exhaulted II – Copywrite

The High Exhaulted II – Copywrite


The High Exhaulted II – Copywrite
?1. Cold Turkey Leftovers
?2. The Lah
?3. Spoiler Alert / Have U Cena?
?4. Hot Iron f. Fulio
?5. White Sean Price
?6. Maintain f. ?Vordul Mega of Cannibal OX
?7. Lost Wordz
?8. Silence
Project is wild. The whole John Cena stealing his bars honestly was the most refreshing and shocking shit that I didn’t know I needed. Highkey this shit is some of the most in your face hip hop you might get this year. He barring every track to death regardless of what his subject matter is from his woke aware shit on track 6 to him absolutely doing a track called White Sean Price justice. This veteran raps. This the type of shit you put out when you realize you over 35 and still angry. Great display of penmanship, project is a complete thought, great pacing minus that vordul feature. He didn’t need any to be honest he did his thing, the production on this bangs, the cuts, the hooks. Project is fire and in rotation.
8.8/10 – John D.


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