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976 EP – Evaize & Baked Plissken

976 EP – Evaize & Baked Plissken
976 EP – Evaize & Baked Plissken
🆗1. Adamantium
👍🏾2. Might Catch Me
👍🏾3. You Never Know
🌊4. Old Book
👍🏾5. Architects f. 🔥Money Mogly
Project is meh. Its hard to get into fully because I can hear Evaize is talking nice, sometimes a lil much on the lyrical miracle but he for sure is technical. The substance is ok at times but sometimes its more just flexing allot of syllable rhyming. Production is solid, but the chemistry wasnt fully on. The beats were slow boom bap loops to keep it plain and simple, and his style with a bunch of short stops, but heavy syllable play can make you want him to ride to the beat a bit more. He’s in the pocket its just the flows he chose don’t always comfortably fit the beat. Best contrast is the last track the way he does all his short stops and Mogly just rides it makes his verse stand out way more regardless of what he is saying. On paper this one probably would be way better but all together a bit forgettable.
5.5/10 – John D.
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