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the highs. – mike.

the highs. – mike.
the highs. – mike.
🌊01. what i know
🌊02. upside down
🌊03. life got crazy
🌊04. like blood
🔥05. 2 birds
🌊06. real things
🌊07. g.o.d.
🌊08. still works
🔥09. gang
🌊10. keep being you
🌊11. blue water
🌊12. bar hoppin’
🔥13. don’t think
🌊14. mountains
🌊15. rodman
🔥16. right now
🌊17. ballgame
🌊18. on 10
🌊19. deja u
🌊20. you can tell
🔥21. say something f. Vory
🔥22. boyfriend jeans
🌊23. days go by
This project is like finding that dope mellow like lofi study track on tik tok or youtube, and then letting it loop 23 times. Or just like finding the perfect “chill vibe” playlist. He got like a like simple Kid Laroi mixed with old school sad boy singy drake type vibe to him. Even though this project long as hell I enjoyed myself. It never got too crazy, or too ambitious, he just stayed in his lane and did exactly what he knows and is good at, at a very high level. The production matched his energy. The pacing is the same, the quality is dope. The content is whatever but its so clean it doesnt matter. Project is like watching those symmetrical paint videos, or some very satisfying asmr, musical symmetry. You cant be mad at this at all when the sun is out, or even if its a bit late. A vibe. Put your shades on at night. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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