Charlie Pope – Dark Lo & V Don

Charlie Pope – Dark Lo & V Don


Charlie Pope – Dark Lo & V Don
?01. Lamb
?02. Meech
?03. Summer
?04. Flawless Bars f. Willie The Kid
?05. Clean Run
?06. Letter f. James Ashli
?07. 100 Proof
?08. Phillippes
?09. Born Blessed
?10. Boomerangs & Samplers
?11. Legend
Project is solid. Its not here to raise bars, change the game or anything like this. Its 11 back to back in your face street hip hop. You got smooth and slightly eerie beats, then you have Lo just rapping with all the rasp and aggression of someone who lived on the corner and stoop. After listening to this project, it told me to tell my friends about it as if it sold me something for 5% off. Not mad at it, its clean for the most part, gritty mix that fits the atmosphere, pacing is simple, and the raps are here in bunches. This is a simple rainy day rap mix for people who cant stop looking out they blinds. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.


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