K (EP) – Kelly Rowland

K (EP) – Kelly Rowland


K (EP) – Kelly Rowland
??1. Flowers
?2. Black Magic
?3. Hitman
?4. Crazy
?5. Speed of Love
?6. Better
Kelly was in her old school r&b bag and I’m not mad at her for it. Production is clean and the pacing is smooth. What I like most is the fact she was showing her range proving why she shouldn’t be under Beyoncé’s shadow. Unfortunately Beyoncé Is the bigger artist so the shadow isn’t going anywhere unless Kelly can drop a classic and as balanced as this ep is it just doesn’t have any songs that really stand out or wow. This left me wanting more like it’s missing a song or two to be complete otherwise this was a good project.
6.5/10 – LP


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