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Positions (Deluxe) – Ariana Grande

Positions (Deluxe) – Ariana Grande
🔥01. Shut Up
🌊02. 34+35
👍🏽03. Motive (feat. Doja Cat🔥)
🆗04. Just Like Magic
👍🏽05. Off The Table (feat. The Weeknd)
🆗06. Six Thirty
🔥07. Safety Net (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
👎🏽08. My Hair
💤09. Nasty
💤10. West Side
👎🏽11. Love Language
🆗12. Positions
🌊13. Obvious
🆗14. POV
🆗15. Someone Like U (Interlude)
🆗16. Test Drive
🌊17. 34+35 (REMIX)(feat. Doja Cat & 👎🏽Megan thee Stalion)
👍🏽18. Worst Behavior
🔥19. Main Thing
Let me just say this first…Ariana I wanna give you a baby! Ok with that out the way, this project is clean from a production standpoint but the pacing is horrible for an r&b album. The middle is a drag, the features were well placed and made the songs better but I can’t help but to feel like she was forcing curse words to make her sound more adult like. There’s some bangers and some songs that should’ve been scraped I’m on the fence with this.
6/10 LP
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