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Kraisis – Krai

Kraisis – Krai
Kraisis – Krai
😢01. Kraisis Begins
🆗02. The Develop
🎙03. Podcast Skit
👍🏾04. Your Highness
📺05. The Mask (skit)
🌊06. Made To Be Loved
😴07. Sade (hook lost this one for me)
💤08. Granddaddy Hayes
🗣09. You Gotta Rap (jr writer skit)
👎🏾10. Lybd
👩🏼‍🦱11. Unalike (Skit)
👍🏾12. Drake’s Son
👎🏾13. Bourne to Rap
Project wasnt it. Dude can rap but that aside there was so much that did not work on this release. The production was very inconsistent, the mix was bad, like bad bad, the last song will give you a clear picture it sounded like someone recorded a session and to bounce it, they poured water all over the interface. Some of the hooks were wild uninspiring, mixed with some uninspired production it was painful, like his raps were trying very hard to carry this but it was just too much. The skits were didnt really fit, the pacing was all over and the content was solid but couldnt decide whether it wanted drop gems, be haymakers or make love. Project needed an entire trim, lineup, with the hot rag and shave but instead we got the jim jones, braid my hair then brush the shit out of it treatment. Pass on this one.
3/10 – John D.
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