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Analog Baby EP – Born Allah

Analog Baby EP – Born Allah

Analog Baby EP – Born Allah

🚒1. Dedication f. DJ Nu-Mark
🚒2. Brown Moses f. DJ Mark Luv
🌊3. Analog Baby
🔥4. The Heavens
🔥5. Heterosexual Blues
🔥6. Jabril, Let the horns blow! f. Rakaa

Project slaps. Aggressively comes in with grown raps, fire production and dope cuts. Honestly it doesnt let up. Its rap for people over 30 ONLY. Young people cant get jiggy with this shit. If someone youthful listened to this they would shed a tear in the mirror. It worked for me and its only 6 songs so I could loop it all day I just need more. Fire bars, fire cadence, fire features, fire delivery all of this is fire. Even the simple hooks fire. In rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.



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