Abstract Ambition – Vic Yak

Abstract Ambition – Vic Yak

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Abstract Ambition – Vic Yak

?1. Grind Like We Broke
?2. Mortal Kombat
?3. Pain (feat. Blvff)
?4. My Rhyme
?5. Nature

Homeboy sound like a diet Joyner Lucas. Like listening to this project sounded like I was listening to someone trying to sound how Joyner sounds. There’s no identity. The beats were pretty much the same the lyrics were very simple but he tried to make them sound like they weren’t. If you love rappers who have a similar sound and flow to Joyner then you might like this but if your looking for bars that pop or at least catch you this ain’t it.
3/10 – LP



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