Practice: Freestyle Files, Vol 2 – King Aboriginal

Practice: Freestyle Files, Vol 2 – King Aboriginal

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Practice: Freestyle Files, Vol 2 – King Aboriginal

?01. Practice
?02. Loud Storm
?03. Lean Bak
?04. No Half Steppin
??05. Grindin
?06. Trauma
?07. So Va
?08. Whoaaaaaa
?09. 1 More Chance (Song ends at 1:07 goes till 4:32)
??10. Every Lil Thing
?11. Beanieeeeee
?12. Kol Summa
?13. I Shot Ya (Song ends at 1:20 goes till 3:48)
?14. Hunting Season
?15. Euro Step
?16. Alottttt
?17. Believe Meh

This a series of freestyles over known fire beats. With that being said the quality on these type of tapes is always inconsistent. That being said this is a good time, he is going type crazy on it. Punching in any direction. For the most part hes doing his thing and killed more of these than expected and thats no shade to his pen its because some of these are untouchable. This made me wanna just rap in my car about absolutely nothing. He does a bunch, its not the cleanest, but its enough music to set a block on fire. Super solid and I can feel the fun in it. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.



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