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Big Problems 2 – Big Havi

Big Problems 2 – Big Havi

Big Problems 2 – Big Havi

🚮 1.Tricks Up My Sleeve
🚮 2.Vibez’N (ft. Lil Keed)
🚮 3.Run Up a Check
🆗 4.Don’t Approach Me (ft. OMG Peezy)
🚮 5.Real N***a Cry (ft. Seddy Hendrix)
😴 6.Best Friends (ft. DRick)
💩 7.So Many Emotions
🚮 8.Put a Hand Up
🚛 9.Streets Ain’t Safe (ft. Slimelife Shawty)
🆗 10.Do the Same 4 Me
🚮 11.Fake a Smile

This would have been bearable if dude would get the excessive auto tune and flanger off of his fucking voice. Track 9 was so ear piercing that I could barely even hear what he was saying. Aside from that bullshit, there’s nothing special about this album at all. It’s the same as everything else. Skirt skirts, gang gang’s, over use of auto tune, and features that do the same exact thing as the primary artist. This shit made my eardrums tell me to go fuck myself for exposing them to this fuckery.
.0001/10 – Rønin

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