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Crack Rock Bounce – Annimeanz

Crack Rock Bounce – Annimeanz

Crack Rock Bounce – Annimeanz

🌊01. Twistin (ft MOC OF Spanish Fly)
🔥02. Word of Mouth
🌊03. Came From The Mud (ft Throwed ESE)
🌊04. 87’ Flow (ft Big Stick Nasty)
🆗05. Air BNB (ft FlightMob)
🆗06. No Games
🔥07. No Justice No Peace (ft Spanish Fly)

Project slides everybody did their thing I appreciate the shortness of this project because it doesn’t get repetitive and leaves you looking for a little more. Even though tracks 5 and 6 weren’t hitting the same nothing is terrible. Production is clean but definitely some quality lost by even existing near SoundCloud. I also appreciate Annimeanz militant old head attitude there’s Just something about someone who raps smooth but gives off “I’ll smack the dog shit outta you” vibes and that’s a energy I can really vibe with.
6.8/10 – JW


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