Crack Rock Bounce – Annimeanz

Crack Rock Bounce – Annimeanz

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Crack Rock Bounce – Annimeanz

?01. Twistin (ft MOC OF Spanish Fly)
?02. Word of Mouth
?03. Came From The Mud (ft Throwed ESE)
?04. 87’ Flow (ft Big Stick Nasty)
?05. Air BNB (ft FlightMob)
?06. No Games
?07. No Justice No Peace (ft Spanish Fly)

Project slides everybody did their thing I appreciate the shortness of this project because it doesn’t get repetitive and leaves you looking for a little more. Even though tracks 5 and 6 weren’t hitting the same nothing is terrible. Production is clean but definitely some quality lost by even existing near SoundCloud. I also appreciate Annimeanz militant old head attitude there’s Just something about someone who raps smooth but gives off “I’ll smack the dog shit outta you” vibes and that’s a energy I can really vibe with.
6.8/10 – JW



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