40RTY – Nappy Roots

40RTY – Nappy Roots

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?01. Back Roads
?02. Footie Socks & Ice Cream f. Raven Richards
?03. Jivin’ and Schuckin’
?04. Blind Faith f. Lando Ameen
?05. Till They Told Us
?06. I Suppose f. Lando Ameen & Backwud Marc
?07. Do Better f. Andrew Weaver
?08. Lemme Tell You Bout It
?09. Down This Road f. Gold Griffith
?10. Toast f. Lando Ameen
?11. Lately f. Gareth Asher
?12. Good Life f. Rizzi Myers

Loved this project more than I thought I would. Production is fire, raps are here, style is here but most importantly originality is here in its own fucking way. This is a vet group adopting new era’s styles and genres of hip hop and making it there own without sacrificing any of there own style or delivery. Its nappy roots over sad boy stuff, a dance song, some trap, stuff you wouldnt expect and they do it the way its supposed to be done. No clout, no changing things up (except for the production) no bullshit. Just pure authentic style. They even shitted on healthy food and I liked it and you know how I feel about that. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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