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Fragments EP – Enkay47

Fragments EP – Enkay47
Fragments EP – Enkay47
👍🏾1. Demon
🔥2. COWARD f. Vin Jay
🌊3. Push
🔥4. One More Drink
🔥5. Love With Borderline
🚒6. I’d Do It Over Again
This EP is nice, got a whole lot to unpack for sure, packaged at a high quality all around. Im going to throw this hot take out there, but this is a complete version of white rap. What I mean by that is, it has all the influences and sounds of that genres greats. Its got the Em type attitude, the NF sad boy type pop, the Post Malone type folk and then him lowkey swagging on some G Eazy Jack Harlow flavored delivery. Even the subject matter is there, its got vices, its got unhinged moments, then it has its woe is me and ultimately ends on an almost false apology but leaning more towards it being a real problem as opposed to just being on demon time. The content is here in plenty and its heavy, it gets spicy and will make you think a bit. The amount he puts into it all is very obvious, dudes singing, rapping, flowing, venting, telling a story and you cant help but take something from this. Its a very strong EP that feels like half of an album. In rotation for sure, and enough to keep you ready for whats next.
8/10 – John D.
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