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Just For Clarity 2 EP – Blxst

Just For Clarity 2 EP – Blxst
Just For Clarity 2 EP – Blxst
🔥1. Ghetto Cinderella f. Mustard & Terrace Martin
🔥2. Passionate f. Roddy Ricch
🔥3. Call My Bluff
🔥4. Keep Calling f. Larry June
EP is a good time. The goal of this was if enough people put this on at the same time, summer will come faster. All catchy, all high quality, all fun, and honestly the production has so much bump it will elevate whatever system you playing it on. Features all came on this with labeled red solo cups. Its straight to the point, just fun music, more singing and catchy hooks than anything. The subject is light too but you can tell thats not the point. Its a celebration, so make sure you practice whatever moves you been wanting to bust out once this cold season is up. Easily in rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.
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