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Gumbo – Young Nudy

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Gumbo – Young Nudy
🆗01. Brussel Sprout
👎🏾02. Pancake
💤03. Portabella
🗑04. Pot Roast f. Key Glock
🚮05. M.R.E.
🚛06. McChicken
🌊07. Okra
👎🏾08. Peaches & Eggplants f. 21 Savage
🚮09. Shrimp
🆗10. Duck Maat
👍🏾11. Fish & Chips
💤12. Hot Grease
👍🏾13. Passion Fruit
Project is highkey cheeks. It sounds like he so badly wants you to know that he’s killed his ops and would also love to name drop them all. He also wants you to fall asleep becuase of how boring and drooly his delivery is. Project is named after food, has food names in the titles but there is nothing food related about this. Should have been called high fructose corn syrup, since its corny, has no nutritional value and impacts children’s brains and bodies negatively. Features were like adding more garbage to a garbage fire, and honestly the songs that worked were because of the production not because of him. Its 13 tracks of all the stuff that ive been complaining about so if you have any time to spare, don’t waste it on this and save it for something remotely entertaining. Throw this way the fuck out.
2/10 – John D.
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