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BEN – Macklemore

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BEN – Macklemore
🚒01. CHANT f. Tones And I
🌊02. NO BAD DAYS f. Collett
👎🏾03. 1984
🌊04. MANIAC f. Windser
🌊05. DAY YOU DIE f. Sarah Barthel of Phantogram
🚒06. HEROES f. DJ Premier
🔥07. GRIME
🚒08. I NEED
🔥09. LOST / SUN COMES UP f. jackson lee morgan
🔥10. FAITHFUL f. NLE Choppa
🔥11. TEARS
🌊12. SORRY f. Livingston
🚒13. GOD’S WILL f. Vic Daggs II
🚒14. I KNOW f. charlieonnafriday
🔥15. TAIL LIGHTS f. Morray
This him just flexing what he knows he can do, what he likes and honestly doing whatever he wants. Maybe sprinkle in a bit of “one of these gotta be a hit” too. Project is dope, he does everything well minus that weird like Brit pop shit he tried on track 3. Outside of that you got some pop that slides if its not being carried by the feature going crazy on the hook and then you have what is clearly this dudes bread and butter. When hes fucking rapping. Not just on that Premier beat, when hes snapping alongside new age, just talking his real life shit, or just showing out a bit he absolutely shines. Cadence, delivery, structure, and all hits hard when hes in that bag. Then add those features going crazy again and you have this great project. The quality of course is up there just making it that much better. Overall this hits on all sorts of angles, its undeniably great. In rotation, unless you a hater.
9.5/10 – John D.
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