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Niwis – Jules

Niwis – Jules
Niwis – Jules
💔01. Live From Somewhere
🌊02. Ride With Me
🌊03. I-4 Flows
🔥04. Pardon, No Favors
🔥05. Right Way f. Keyiara
🔥06. Damaged Goods
📺07. Stayawakeamine (Commercial Break)
🔥08. Narcoleptic
🌊09. Geronimo
🔥10. One Night
🌊11. On Me
🌊12. Necessary Evils
Project is a good time. A very complete thought, from all the subject matter, the skits, the theme and pacing it all works. Dude can rap, and he does just that. He was also singing a bit, structuring the shit out of these songs and just giving it all he could. It felt great through and through, great message, positive vibe, smooth beats. Felt like he enjoyed every bit of this with his entire soul. The 1 feature credited too definitely shows that. First listen I was drawn in but honestly more listens will most likely make this better. Need more passion projects like this. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.
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