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3 Peat – KrispyLife Kidd

3 Peat – KrispyLife Kidd
3 Peat – KrispyLife Kidd
🚮01. Intro 3 Peat
💩02. Free BG
🚮03. Network
🚮04. So Much Enrgy
🚮05. Palm Angels ft. 👎Babyfxce
👎06. My Point of View
👎07. Dope Sales ft. 👍Louie Ray
🚮08. Grant Hill
💩09. Juice World
🆗10. Ghetto Baby
🚮11. It’s a Blessing
💩12. Ghetto Love Story, Pt.3
👎13. Hold Danny Hostage
💤14. Stackin
🚮15. Swag Surfin
This is bizzare to put out as a finished project. He punches in every line, and even cuts himself off on occasion because the bars are too long. Twice on this album KrispyLife flat out messes up a line, laughs it off and just starts over from where he screwed up. It sounds like a lot of these songs were just written and recorded acapella then thrown on a random beat, there isn’t a track here where he manages to stay on rhythm. There are a couple features that were not that great but in present company, managed to shine. KrispyLife Kidd’s people in Detroit might enjoy this, except the many many bitches that he seems to dislike. I know it’s early, only February, but I’m excited, cause this is in the running for worst of the year.
0/10 – Euphonic
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